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Sport communications is the process of communication between a brand and its audience, based on passion and love to sports that constantly keep unbelievable interest to it. We have checked that proper work with this peculiarity lets amazingly enrich the content of brand values and deepen the penetration of a message.

Marketing communications. We start building any communication from the answer to a question: what do we want to say and to whom? And only after that we apply all the necessary tools that let us say what we want and to whom we want with maximum effect. There are instruments that we have mastered perfectly, and there are ones we have to create depending on the goals. All members of our team can effectively apply the well known marketing instruments, but we are sure that the use of standard instruments is not enough for performing concrete tasks. Here, individual approach is needed.

Sport. The sports we chose have many names: extreme, non-Olympic, action sport, fun sport, etc. We prefer to call them «alternative sports», as in the frame of sport this name lets us embrace quite a wide variety of sports. Also it lets us avoid such connotations like in case with «extreme sports», associated mainly with teens and high level of risk for health, but it is not always like this (потому что?). But, honestly speaking, in the most interesting cases we are ready to work with traditional sports. All members of our team ride or play something.

People. They are the most important for us. They are the ones who determine what we do. People who work in the agency should enjoy their job, that's why they love what they do and succeed in it. The people who take part in our projects are the main, that's why we try to offer them only the things they will really like and need. The people who apply to us for service are everything for us, as they are the ones who make our work effective and efficient.
All members of our team communicate with people, not brands, companies, legal entities, robots etc.

We. We say that «being first is an advantage» because we have checked it in the two main spheres of our lives- sport and business. It's not easy but someone should! Our mission is to make sport an effective communicational platform for completion of business tasks. That's why this process promotes the development of business, sport our clients and us. We have worker under the brand of 360SCA since10 February 2006 and this idea belongs to three people: Alexey Mitrofanov, Ekaterina Kolchanova and Alexey Bezugliy, but our existence owes to everyone who works in the Agency.

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Ekaterina Kolchanova

managing partner

Why 360SCA? It is not only market category which we want to occupy, in which we are professionals and have all skills for development; the agency for me is the team of people whom I'm proud of and love. Hey, you are the best!

Before 360SCA: Trade Holding «Siberian Giant» (chain store system), Adrenalin Games (first international extreme contest in Moscow), Publishing House «Afisha».

Education: International Moscow Business School «Mirbis» (Institute), marketing. Novosibirsk state university of pedagogic, philological department.

Favorite projects: 360SCA Agency, Adrenalin Games|Russian Open 2006, Nissan Russian Adventure, Cable Wakeboard Worlds 2008.

Recommend: get pleasure whatever it takes.

Favorite in work: Results. At school I didn't love exact sciences. But when my versions of solutions were bringing me right results, I felt overwhelming satisfaction and joy. I like my business because it always allows me to feel this satisfaction from results.

About myself: here I should tell you about myself and my attitude to action sports. Actually we are absolutely incompatible. I prefer gastronomic yummies, cinema & books. But it happened that some action sports could attract even me (light ones) — I tried kite surfing, wakeboarding and open up snowboarding. Sometimes I go biking, playing tennis & ping pong. I was born in Novosibirsk, Siberia and live in Moscow.

Interests: communication platforms, results, English literature, Russian attic prose, icon painting, traveling, speed, dialogues, fun, shows, photography, kite surfing, wakeboarding, face 2 face, cinema , yummies, carmina burana.

Movies: «Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind», «Black cat, with cat», «Neko shiro» (cats soup).

Books: Sasha Sokolov «School for fools», Agota Kristof «Tomorrow», Jay Conrad Levinson «Guerilla marketing», «Human marketing» by «Rodnaya rech», Perl Bak «Good Earth».

Star sign: Lion.

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