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Breakdance Circus Revolution

27 July 2008

Moscow, circus

Type: Contest
Art: breakdance

Breakdance Circus Revolution — open breakdance championship of Russia in circus.

The 1st time breakdance battles took place on the circus arena. Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Samara, Kazan and Moscow area teams took part in this performance.

The place was perfect: audience could watch the action and bboys did their best. Victory at Breakdance Circus Revolution — to present Russia on the european battles — was a good present for the 5th anniversary of BMT CREW .

Sets of two famous russian hip-hop dj's from Da Boogie DJ's Topor and Gormon ensure music and drive. There is no important dance event without these dj's.

Team battle is a variant of shoot-out in american ghetto, but there is dance instead of guns.